2022 Events

Currently we are compiling a list of events we are planning to play in this season. We plan on attending several of the Iron Mitten events along with events at our local field, TC Paintball Lansing, but we are looking at other events in our region as well. Stay tuned for dates.

Future Tips and Tricks

Our plan is to post tips and tricks for new players. Our team has players that have played at several different levels of competition and also recreation, and all of them love the game and would lie to get new generations into paintball.

Players For 2022

The roster for 2022 is not much different than last year.

  • Luke Cole
  • Dan Pennock
  • Josh Brown
  • Paul Korp
  • Sam Korp
  • Jake Kelly
  • Renin Cole

There may be a couple additions also through the season. Keep checking back, we will be having individual posts on each of the players soon.


This is the official website for Don’t Suck Squad. We are a newer team based in mid-Michigan. A lot more coming soon.