Get To Know The Team: Dan Pennock

Name: Dan Pennock
Number: 96
What year did you start playing: 2006
Favorite position: Snake How did you get into the sport? I started playing woods ball with friends until I was asked to play for team P8ntballerX Factory.
What was your first gun? A silver Tippmann 98 custom. 
What teams have you played for in the past? P8ntballerX Factory
What is your current setup? Dye DSR, spire 260, dye throttle 71/4500. Proto pm6 in the bag for fun.
Favorite part of the game? Winning a gun battle.
Favorite paintball memory? Winning the 10 man mechanical tournament put on at Fort Stewart in 2021.
Do you have any pregame rituals to help you play? Tell Luke Cole not to step out of bounds again. 
What do you do to support your paintball addiction? Corrections Officer
What else besides paintball do you do for fun? Hang with my family, deer hunt, enjoy the outdoors.

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