Get To Know The Team: Luke Cole

Name: Luke Cole
Number: 57
What year did you start playing: 1997
Favorite position: Back then, front center; now a days, anywhere that doesn’t require sliding or a life alert bracelet
How did you get into the sport? All my friends were doing it… so
What was your first gun? A $50 Brass Eagle Talon from Walmart
What teams have you played for in the past? Violent Conduct, Unknown, Paintball Outlet Factory, System X Factory, Outkasts, Enemy, No Patience, P8ntballerX Factory, Team Lazy
What is your current setup? Rize Maxxed, or ADG 68 Automag, Dye Rotor, or VL Revolution, Empire 68/45k, old school ER 5+4+4 that is now just a 5 pack
Favorite part of the game? The adrenaline of sweeping up the field
Favorite paintball memory? Running around the back of the of the division champion team and beating them with 4 alive at the 2003 IAO
Do you have any pregame rituals to help you play? Stretch my muscles and and some tall tales
What do you do to support your paintball addiction? delivery driver by day
What else besides paintball do you do for fun? Shoot guns and play with my kids

Luke would also like to thank some friends for the support over the years: Randy, Ross, Gramps, James, Eric, Drew, Rudy, Benny, Tim, Tom, The Rolling Rogans, Ups And Browns, AITD, and mom

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