Get To Know The Team: Paul Korp

Name: Paul Korp

Number: 437 (or 22)

What year did you start playing: 2000

Favorite position: back player

How did you get into the sports: Something to do with my boys

What was your first gun: Spyder MR1

What teams have you played for in the past: Grand Ledge Invasion, TC Hired Guns, Infected Paintball

What is your current setup: Gtech with Dye Rotor and a Planet Eclipse Etha with a Dye Rotor Valken Mag fed and a Tippmann 98 Custom and a Tippmann TPX pistol

Favorite part of the game: The comradery

Favorite paintball memory: When we took 3rd place for the season in the iron mission series

What do i do to support my paintball addiction: I work at the local paintball field 

What else beside paintball do you do for fun: Bowling and golf

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