Get To Know The Team: Sam Korp

Name: Sam Korp
Number: 71
What year did you start playing: 2003
Favorite position: Utility mostly Cameraman
How did you get into the sport? Neighbor was into it
What was your first gun? Brass Eagle Blade Turbo
What teams have you played for in the past? GL Invasion, TCP Cobra Kai, Ryan’s Raiders
What is your current setup: Kingman EM1/Spyder Sonix
Favorite part of the game: Shooting people
Favorite paintball memory: Running through 3 players to send my team to the finals.
Do you have any pregame rituals to help you play: Heavy metal and copious amounts of caffeine 
What do you do to support your paintball addiction: Tell engineers why they are wrong
What else besides paintball do you do for fun: Shoot copious amounts of lead.

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